The Problem of Divine Foreknowledge and Future Contingents by Professor of Philosophy William Lane Craig PDF

By Professor of Philosophy William Lane Craig

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Rise of Prayer Renewal Groups in Mainline Churches A second recent trend within Ghanaian Christianity is the recovery by TWMCs from losses suffered during the height of the Sunsum sorè’s popularity. This recovery, it will be noted, is partly explained by the TWMCs’ positive response to challenges initially posed by the Sunsum sorè. In order to stem the tide of their members drifting into Sunsum sorè, TWMCs began opening up to Pentecostalist phenomena. With fresh challenges being posed by the rise of the CMs, the loss from TWMCs to independent Pentecostals may not have ceased, but has been reduced.

The result has been a relevance that African Christians did not find in the Western, mission brand of Christianity. Although ‘being African’ was not the primary motivation of these movements, the Christianity of Ghana’s Sunsum sorè is an ingenious synthesis of Ghanaian traditional and Pentecostal beliefs and practices. Both indigenous Pentecostals and mission churches firmly reject traditional religious practices as evil and demonic. This attitude underlies the point that the Sunsum sorè represented a turning away from traditional resources of supernatural support to seek refuge with the God of the Bible.

In this way Africa has emerged as a new centre of theological creativity, a workshop where Christian answers to African questions are being hammered out. Investigation of the concerns of this theology constitutes one of the main reasons for the research embodied in this volume. Waves of Renewal in Ghanaian Christianity Historically it is possible to view the emergence of Pentecostal innovations and creativity in Ghana in terms of at least three main waves. This metaphor is apposite, for, like waves on the seashore, various forms of Pentecostal movement have swept through the Ghanaian religious scene during the past century.

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The Problem of Divine Foreknowledge and Future Contingents from Aristotle to Suarez (Brill's Studies in Intellectual History) by Professor of Philosophy William Lane Craig

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